Blingby is a U.S. Patented MarTech & AdTech company that seamlessly amplifies and makes interactive digital content from video, live streaming, and audio. Our technology minimizes viewer-to-content search and call to action friction through a 'shoppable' hub of products, ideas and experiences. Blingby collapses the marketing funnel. It succinctly and seamlessly brings brand awareness, consideration, preference, and call to action together, amplifying digital content engagement without interrupting the viewer/listener experience. The technology works cross-screen, on programmatic platforms, with QR technology, through social media and messaging, and on third party websites. Additionally, our proprietary data provides precise user to content analytics. Blingby's technology is not player dependent; it's plug and play and has Al functionalities.


• No player restriction, with a plug and play design
• No viewer disruption
• Shoppable cart of products, ideas, and experiences
• Social media and mobile friendly
• Live streaming, full interactivity, no buffering
• OTT ready, AR and VR compatible
• Blingby Ad Tech works across programmatic platforms.

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